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Toddler Music Jukebox:12 songs

Música e vídeo
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Toddlers love music. This app is all about music. It has 12 classic songs and uses easily recognizable icons to empower kids to take charge of their music exploration. NOTE: Please be advised this app is NOT a video game, it only has simple animations, just amazing music and an empowering interface.
Toddler JukeBox includes the following classic songs: Wheels on the Bus Old McDonald had a farm (classic with a twist) Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Working on the Railroad. B-I-N-G-O ABC Twinkle, twinkle little star Itsy, bitsy spider Miss Mary Mack Over in the Meadow Word by Word (a John Simon original about reading)
*****Review: "by Sarah" 5 Stars (December 2, 2010): My daughter is obsessed with this app! She loves playing it over and over!by ANDRELL 5 stars (October 31, 2010)Absolutely love it!!!!! Great sound quality! My little one loves it! A must have!*******It uses easily recognizable icons to empower kids to take charge of their music exploration. They can intuitively choose which song they want to hear by tapping on the icon.
They no longer depend on you to play a CD or mp3. This is as liberating for kids as it is for parents. Kids can explore the music at their own pace and play their favorite songs again and again. Meanwhile parents don’t have to stay by the remote or CD player ready to hit play over and over again.
Children can do it by themselves and sing and dance until they wear the rug down! Each song is activated by a charming identifying button that is easy for kids to decode.
You can also listen to the entire collection of music as a regular CD or mp3 through the speaker phone or through a stereo system of your house or car (additional hardware might be required).
All songs are beautifully performed on the guitar and sung by John Simon, a renowned New York children’s artist with more than 20 years of experience singing to and with children as well as teaching music in schools.
There are 3 different modes to listen to the music. Play all, shuffle all or listen to an individual song.
Tipitap Apps Learning fun, fun learning.
WARNING : unlike other apps we do NOT feature any animations or games. This app is about giving toddlers freedom over their music and enjoying great songs, not creating music videos or video games.